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Alright. So I’ve been cosplaying Hetalia for about two years now and there’s one thing that really ticks me off, and it’s the lack of people remembering FLAG ETIQUETTE. I see a lot of people complain about it but I rarely see people actually explaining it. So that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m a Girl Scout and have had Flag Etiquette drilled into my head, so a lot of what I’m saying will be for the American flag, but I feel it’s a good universal guideline.  If you know of any guidelines specific to any other national flag please, feel free to add onto this.

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Documentary Full - Lithuania

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Vegan crepe cake / Recipe

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Removing shine/ detangling a wig


This is a tutorial/review on using fabric softener to remove shine form a wig. Since I used a curly wig, I’ve included steps to untangle and re-curl a curly wig.






Overall, the fabric softener did remove some of the shine and made the wig super soft and smell absolutely wonderful. In sunlight, the wig looks almost natural. However, in flash on under unnatural lighting, it still looks rather shiny. I tried this on a cheap $10 wig I got off G-Market(Qoo10) as a test but I’m sure it will work on other wigs too. I didn’t follow the exact tutorial that can be found online which was to soak the wig in equal parts softener to water for 5 days. In the tutorial next, you will read that I used much less and soaked it for a much shorter amount of time, maybe that’s why it’s still a little shiny. But it still worked out quite well for me. Overall, I would recommend using this method to either remove shine or untangle your wig.


1)      Prepare a bucket of water just enough to submerge your wig in and add a little hair shampoo (I used my daily one which was Dove) and mix to dissolve the shampoo. Dump your wig in inside-out and gently agitate or swish the wig.


2)      Leave for 5 mins before taking the wig out and rinsing it thoroughly. Let the water flow down the wig from the top and use a low/gentle stream so as to reduce tangling. Next, take some conditioner (once again, I used my daily conditioner which was Follow Me) and rub it into the wig fibres (I add it to a little water but I think it would be better if I hadn’t).  Use a wide tooth comb and start combing out the tangles gently working your way from down to up.


3)      After sufficiently detangling your wig, rinse off the conditioner. Prepare a bucket filled with a little fabric softner and some water. The ratio I used was about 1 part softener to about 3 parts water. Prepare just enough to fully submerge the wig. Once again, flip the wig inside out and swish it gently in the bucket before letting it soak for 2-5 days (I left it for 2 days).


4)      After the amount of day you’d like has passed, take the wig out of the bucket but DON’T RINSE IT. Just place it in a towel and roll up the towel to remove as much water as possible. Then, place it on a wig stand with a towel underneath and let it air dry. You can use a hair dryer on cool setting if you like (I didn’t need to as I found that the wig dried fairly fast). Anyway, take a good long whiff of that awesome softener smell. It’s gonna be there for quite a long time but who cares; it smells fabulous.


5)      Once it dries, you can start brushing it. NEVER BRUSH A WIG WHEN IT’S WET. It can damage the fibres and permanently warp them. Since I’m brushing a curly wig, I just take a small section of hair (I just grab a curl) and start gently brushing it.


6)      Once it fully untangled, (don’t ask me how it suddenly looks like there is more hair. It’s just the magic of untangling)


twist the hair in the direction of the curl,


and you can either hair spray it now and let go (it will still be form a nice curl like this)


or be like me and curl it around you finger, pin the curl up


and when you’ve done the whole head, spray with hair spray and then remove all the pins.


And there you have it; a beautiful new looking wig with perfect untangled curls. And not forgetting that it smells like flowers. The after photo at the start was under sunlight and the photo above was under my room ceiling light at night and the next photo is with flash.


So as you can see, it’s still quite shiny but the wig is totally tangle free and with beautiful curls once again so I’m not complaining. At least it still is natural-looking in sunlight. Anyway, natural hair is still suppose to be a little shiny in lighting.

Hope you fine this tutorial/review useful! And let me know if you have and questions or comments. :D

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happy america day





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Real talk all I want in life is a canon fem!Liet design

I would sell my soul for real.



to be honest sometimes i genuinely wish studio deen never changed animation styles for axis powers hetalia because almost every single promotional image they made under the old style is absolute gold . we will not be seeing anything quite like that for some time


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Guys I’ve left you all alone for so long :’(

take my apologies pretty pleaseeeee!

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Fem! Lithuania in Eurovision of 2014 (Attention)by EPH-SAN1634

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Дождливый но все равно яркий #Вильнюс ❤️💛💚 by svet_a_live // via Instagram

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I don’t know how to draw lips, I’m really sorry TwT (same for eyes and eyebrows)

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So have any of you used I can’t find any reviews and I”m really wary of buying from them…. Would y’all mind letting me know what you thought if you have ordered there?

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Rule one: Always post the rules
Rule two: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones
Rule three: tag 11 people and link them to the post
Rule four: actually tell them you tagged them
Alright, here are my questions

My questions
1: how many siblings do you have? One
2: what’s your favorite color? Pink!
3: what’s your favorite book? “Lolita” by Vladimir Nobokov
4: favorite manga/comic book? Ahh I don’t know? I don’t read a lot of manga or comics. Maybe Kuroshitsuji? (Does Hetalia count? ‘Cause if it does then that!)
5: if you could meet anyone past or present who would it be? Ugh too many choices
6: what’s your favorite season? Spring~
7: if you could bring any fictional character to life who would it be? Nobody- I’m sure they wouldn’t be as great in real life as they are fictional
8: do you want children? Nope
9: what scares you the most? Things falling out from under me like bridges!
10: what is your dream job? Secretary of State
11: do you believe there are other sentient beings in the universe? Yes!

Here are the questions I’m asking-

1.Dogs or cats?

2. Where would you travel if you could go anywhere?

3. What’s your middle name?

4. What is your opinion on crocs?

5. Do you sleep with a light on?

6. Favourite type of music?

7. Favourite movie?

8. Favourite date of the month?

9. Do you like math?

10. Do you wear a watch?

11. Do you believe that one day we’ll have flying cars?

And ‘cause I’m a lazy motherfucker I’m just tagging everyone who reads this~

((OMG yes!! That fits with my headcanons perfectly, tbh I spend a lot of time thinking about this! :D )) --You too? Great minds think alike, heh? I really like singing, and I'm hoping I can get training in the future.

Oh I’m sure you’d be 1000%  awesome! 

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